Monday, May 25, 2009

The Girl & The Robot

After seeing the terribly mediocre, Terminator Salvation, I knew it could only be Royksopp, who could salvage my perception of robots. What better way to forget Christian Bale fumbling about, with some metal skeletons, then by tuning into the summer's sure to be, hottest dance song! Royksopp's latest album is money and full of sweet callabos, like this one featuring Robyn on "The Girl and the Robot." Luckily the Norwegian duo, have fed us this new clip, which is a pretty literal interpretation of the single. Robyn pines in some chic, futuristic room, over an overachieve red robot (who, thank god, actually does the 'robot' at one point!). Peep this steez. Robyn's pretty hot and the robot is more Daft Punk than Schwarnenegger:

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