Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Boy Crisis - Dressed to Digress

Not to be giant douche by my alma mater has produced a shit ton of acts of late that have blown the fuck up: MGMT, Santigold, Das Racist, Amazing Baby - basically making the only vaguely creative place in all of Connecticut, which is not saying much. You vomit in a straight line and as long as its on a piece of paper and its in Connecticut, you become the state's next great artistic hope since Eugene O'Neill.

Now the latest band that's getting some buzz is hipster synth ironic cluster fuck Boy Crisis, who were one deemed by Pitchfork "the worst band right now". Any press is good press, and I think Pitchfork needs to lighten up anyway even though they were totally right about how fucking good Bill Callahan's last album was.

Here is Boy Crisis's preview for their "Dressed to Digress" video, which was filmed at and around Wesleyan and contains some people that I know as well as all the items of clothing I masturbate thinking about.

And here's a pretty fly show they did at an Eclectic Haus party with lots of people that I know:

Worst band ever...? Most arrogant post ever....? YOU DECIDE!

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