Thursday, February 23, 2012

The-Dream - ROC

So I really didn't think there would be an R&B jam that could dethrone Usher's recent single Climax, but I guess I wasn't listening the Radio killa himself. Yes, The-Dream is back, proving once again the he is the rightful heir to the throne of the Songs To Make-Love To kingdom. Based on appearance alone, Dream and Prince seem to only share an affinity for leopard print, expensive parties in neu-age mansions and babes. But listen to his silky voice shimmer across some funkafied synths and the connection is unmissable. Dream first took a step in Prince's shoes with Yamaha and maybe this new tune sounds a little closer to R. Kelly territory but he still keeps a very Princey vibe, with the guitar shredding in the chorus and the someone-left-the-faucet-on beat. Also, uh, this video is the perfect visual depiction of Roc'n someone's body:

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