Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lil - B - Breath Slow

Steadily proving to be one of the most prolific and confusing rappers of all time, Lil B has recently dropped yet another epic mixtape. This new one, entitled God's Father, is a staggering 34 tracks - daunting even by hip-hop standards of super long LPs.

How is it? Good. No really, don't roll your eyes yet...(until you watch this video), but seriously this dude is on point. The Based God is to rap, as Harmony Korine is to film..well sort of. Bad example. But really the reason this guy gets a bad rap (sorry), is because he'll go entire verses without rhyming anything, or entire songs of just nonsensical rambling. What is the point of that in a genre that demands attention to detail and timing? I'm not really sure, but I am sure B is capable is giving us a song where he talks about drifting out to sea and "writing a letter to himself, so he can tell himself how he really feels." ...To a song that is probably the best reflection of our generational mindset of the past 5 years.

Whether or not the guy is an idiot or genius is still up for debate, or whether hes dead serious or just pulling an Andy Kauffman on us..its all a mystery! Anyway. Check out a new track/video from God's Father where B shouts over an anxiety ridden beat, juggles a large pistol, inspects some chick's badonk and flashes that grill. Its really a sort of unnerving clip and one that is sure to fuel the haters, but hey..its Based God. LET ME OUT THIS MOTHAFUCKIN CAGGGGGE!!!!

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