Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Selena Gomez - Come & Get It

Here it is, guys. The new single from the former Belieber and current Spring Breakers star has landed on planet Earth. This could be the world's biggest song ever made in the history of the world's music. It could. And probably will be. S-Go sounds like a combo Rihanna-Akon-Rebecca Black 3way love child, club ban-ga-ore. No joke, the beat is thick! Its difficult to put visuals to a song like this(I would think!), but luckily someone knew how to take these notes and bars and transcribe them into a breathtaking vista of modern cinema. An eagle in a forlorn sky. Lightening erupts onto vast landscape. Rocky crags jut out from the mountains like the thorns of the Earth. A rustling of the wind pins back the blue flowers blanketing a near by hillside. And there we find Selena. Moonchild. Daughter of Gaia. Draped in fine garments that ripple in the breeze. An angelic creature, gracing the plebeians with her siren call. I hope you're ready. Because you're going to get it.

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