Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Commonwealth Choir - Rest

Originally a subset of the Philadelphia Boys' Tabernacle, Commonwealth Choir began as a group of young, Philadelphia-area expats, who moved to Doylestown (PA) to begin their careers as chimney sweeps, while moonlighting as a Rock-n-Roll/Indie-pop band. Today the boys have quit jobs beneath the flue and play regularly everywhere! Luckily LBS is the one of the first spotlights to feature CC and their new material. Rest is the first single from their Shirtless EP, a new collection of chunky, rhythm heavy guitar tracks. This is a serious banger. For fans of Gaslight Anthem, Local Natives, Traveling Wilburys and anyone who likes to keep a fucking American flag tucked in the back of their snapback. Check it now, unless you hate the Fourth of July and saunas.

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