Wednesday, June 26, 2013

David Lynch & Lykke Li - I'm Waiting Here

A chilling, midnight-in-the-desert melody, unwinds here, through the disquieting audio filter of David Lynch. Unlike most of the hazified, roots of Rock N' Roll songs, found on Lynch's latest LP, The Big Dream, this one off single with Lykke Li has an ambient yet, haunting refrain that raises it above the rest. Lynch has an ear for tunefulness and his love of Blues and early Doo-Wop has been a feature of nearly each of his film and television projects. Unfortunately, despite all the distortion, dissonance and pitch correction applied to Lynch's voice, his whiny Missoula drawl still dominates most of his songs, to an off-putting level. Lykke Li's voice on the other hand, has a much more dexterous and palatable tone, and so it works almost perfectly with the rest of the creeping instrumentation here. There is an almost transparent connection between this song and something like The World Spins, or even In Dreams, yet Lynch has not lost himself in the soup of the past, but rather reanimated some of its best qualities. Please, step into the passenger seat for this one, and enjoy.. the Full blossom of the evening...

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