Monday, September 9, 2013

Arcade Fire - Reflektor ft. David Bowie

Here it is. The latest from Montreal's finest, accompanied by two mind warping videos. One of them directed by the post-punk visual master himself, Anoton Corbijn. Upon first hearing this new single my ears were quickly reminded of David Byrne and epic Talking Heads dance tracks, but after 4mins into this fantastically dark, black & white clip I had a brief flashback to My Chemical Romance. Win Butler's painted eyes and the rest of the band dressed in black, marching through a bleak landscape seems oddly enough, very MCR-esque. Don't get me wrong Arcade Fire are no My Chemical Romance (ROFL!) , but seriously am I the only one seeing a connection here? I think this sort of relation to bands of the past, whether highbrow or lowbrow, always seems to erupt when a familiar act gears up to release a 'concept album.' You could say all of Arcade Fire's records have been concept albums of some sort, but this one has been marketed as more dance oriented. Employing James Murphy to man the production helm is always a great sign when someone tells you they're getting into dance music, but for Arcade Fire, a band that has singularly risen above all of their Indie compatriots and subsequently contributed to defining the last decade of music, it means its gone be some next level shit. Point being? This record could be super dope and is def worth a listen. Also DUHHH did you not read this post title??! This jam features BOWIE, BRO!

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