Friday, September 13, 2013

Blood Orange - Hold On We're Going Home (Drake Cover)

The title on Soundcloud for this track is HAVIN' A LAFF WHILE SAMANTHA IS ASLEEP ON A WEDNESDAY, but from the chord structure and lyric content one can decipher that this is actually that new Drake jawn! Duh, everyone knows Drake is the man and HOWGH is the dopest of dope tracks, even Dev Hynes can admit that. This basically is a much funkier and airier version of Drizzy with a crazy guitar solo at the end. It sounds like Blood Orange could have busted this out in his sleep, but apparently someone named Samantha (nom de plume for Solange????) was sleeping when he cooked this puppy up. Its glossy and sweet and should hold you over for this lovely weekend, or at least give you a good laff!

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