Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Black Hearted Brother - (I Don't Mean to) Wonder

Shoegaze super-group featuring Neil Halstead of Slowdive and Mark Van Hoen of Seefeel, have come together to catharticly disembowel the world, through the power of ambient music. A few things to consider with this post: I personally have been waiting for Slowdive to reunite for a millenia and stumbling upon an email from a friend detailing the reunion of Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell on satge for a few dates in London was enough to implode my cranium. But then I read on. Not only has Neil reunited with Rachel, but he has also reunited with the sound of distortion. None of that yawn inducing, pseduo-country, Moajave 3 crap here! Black Hearted Brother is Neil and Mark Van Hoen shedding their ability to tour with Jack Johnson, and fulling engulfing themselves in the soup of early 90s big muff, Marshall stack, unintelligible-hyper-delay vocal greatness!
Let's be real. In 2013 have they reinvented the wheel? No. Have they even put out a new track that is as good as their best Slowdive or Seelfeel shit? ehhhh..No... BUT DON'T FRET! The tune might not be mind-blowing but its pretty damn satisfying.. even just hearing Neil repeat the line "I don't mean to wonder," in that blissed-out, monotone beauty is spine tingling. The is like the finale to Breaking Bad. Was it the finest, most artfully written BB episode to date? No way. But everyone has been waiting for it for so fucking long that it was enough for it just to air. It was a sweet episode, okay? Jack and those Nazis got lit up and Jessie got to drive off into the night, and that is what is happening here. It's not quite Slowdive, but some Nazis are getting blown away. No Doubt, you need to check this:

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