Thursday, February 13, 2014

Prawn - Why You Always Leave a Note

2014 is throwback 2004 in some ways. Coupla bands these days are bringing it back to the golden era of emo and I reckon Prawn is sort of one of these bands. Why You Always Leave a Note immediately brings to mind a number of early Aughts, emotive, guitar noodlers: Sharks Keep Moving, American Football, even a little early Brand New (u know!?) Its a sound that evokes nostalgia without the 'retro' baggage that often comes with dwelling in the not so distant past. Prawn are not shrimps, when it comes to song writing and this is the sort of Indie-pop track you'll probably be able to dig if you're sick of all the swampy reverb that gets slopped around the Net.

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