Monday, February 10, 2014

Slowdive - Shine

Another Monday, another day to reflect on the mundane. It's also time for another weekly installment of Look Back In Anger, where we look back through a tiny tiny lens on one artist that I happen to think is important. When I'm out and about on the steets and someone recognizes me I usually get asked one of two questions. The first being: "Hey, is the express train down this way?" The second being: "Kevin, what is Shoegaze?" And in response to that latter, I must say, "Shoegaze is not a thing, its a way of life, bro." Is it the sound of the wind rustling the pine bows of winter-logged Fir trees, gathered along the coast? No, it is not. Is it the sound of a leaky fawcet that wakes you from a foggy dream about fluorescent clouds that drift into your bedroom and drip rainbow candy onto your head? More or less, yes, it is. If I had to pick a band to introduce someone to this furtive genre I would pick My Bloody Valentine, but a close runner up would undoubtedly be Slowdive. Recently my mind evaporated when the internet announced Slowdive's reunion. The band is reuniting after 20 years, to do a new album and play new shows. It seems only too appropriate that we at Bigfoot Sightings report this astounding news from the world of Dream-Pop. Bellow watch one of the few clips for Slowdive, where they swirl through a field of wild flowers and get lost in their guitars and the sky. Stay tuned to LBS for all the latest shoegaze and Slowdive news to come!

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