Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Echo & The Bunnymen - Market Town

Here is the newest of the new new jams from Echo and the B-men. On display is their typically advanced riffmanship, as well as Ian McCulloch's unmistakable wailing. In many ways this song fits comfortably among the lengthy list of catchy E&TB tunes. There is a very modern sheen of production here, lacquered across the track that makes it not difficult to discern from something released in say, 1984. Yet, the production does not deflate Echo's songwriting, like it has with other New Romantic compatriots, who still feel the need to keep rattling on. Instead, there is a better sense of clarity among the comforting sounds of chorus laden strumming, machine-like drumming, and haunted vocalizations. Truly a refreshing whiff of Post-Punk from the original masters themselves...After all, who else could possibly be chanting about "no survivors," in a market town?

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