Monday, May 5, 2014

The Clientele - An Hour Before The Light

Look Back In Anger: The Clientele are true connoisseurs of nostalgia, crafting masterful sound-pictures that seem to completely encapsulate the feeling of by-gone eras that no one has ever actually lived through. Not unlike a piece by Angelo Badalimenti, or Belle & Sebastion, or Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Clientele traverse the well-trodden path that lies between 90s Dream Pop and moody, 60s Rock-n-roll. It's a sort of sound that is almost unplaceable, like a forgotten Zombies record recently unearthed in someone's attic, or a more modern group, signed to Mexican Summer, with roots in Shoegaze. Soon The Clientele's first record Suburban Light will be reissued and and we can all travel back, once again, to 2000, or perhaps even further.... Whichever it is, this one of my favorite tracks of their's off that record. Have a lis:

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