Monday, August 11, 2014

Teenage Fanclub - Everything Flows (video)

Look Back In Anger: A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of standing in the shadow of the Intrepid aircraft carrier, at Pier 84 in New York City; to witness a free show put on by Teenage Fanclub. It had been awhile since the boys had played a gig and even longer since I'd listened to one of their records (to be perfectly honest), yet the group rang with a refreshing tone of renewal and relevance. The slacker, monotone drone of the 90s is ever-present in todays Indie music, though few groups are capable of capturing the precision and purist methodology Fanclub used in their construction of pop melodies. Velvet harmonies, and fuzzy guitar hooks won over even Kurt Cobain at one point, though its not simply the scuzz and fuzz that makes this band. It's a warm familiarity infused in nearly all of their albums, (obviously some more than others) that transcends the trappings of their time. Not unlike The Beatles, or Beach Boys, in a certain sense, if you will... And if you're not a fan yet, then I suggest looking up their entire discography. Here's their first ever single, performed live at Reading in 92:

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