Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Charli XCX - Doing It (video)

Pop music is really popular right now, and its time someone said something about it! Channelling the early 00s, where radio hits acceptably combined glossified guitar tracks and synthetic string arrangements, Charli XCX once again puts out the most infectious song for the charts, with Doing It. The reason Rita Ora is on this track is a mystery to everyone, but its no matter, she hardly detracts from the song and she's a welcome presence in the video! This sort of song reminds me of a more interesting Spice Girls song, or more recently Icona Pop, which of course Charli is connected to. More and more it becomes obvious that Charli XCX is on the level of Ariana Grande, or even Taylor Swift as one of the best and most exciting Pop crafters and brands of 2015. Have crop-tops reached a tipping point? As if!!

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