Thursday, January 15, 2015

Twerps - I Don't Mind

Remember in the 90s when everyone was way into like The West, and adding a pseudo-Country twang to all their shit? I feel like that's kind of happening these days as well, with all the War on Drugs, Cass McCombs type acts. Anyway, who can really say.. its not like its a bad thing, or anything! There's just something psychedelic about the desert, man. Here we are now in chilly January with Twerps. The Melbournians loosen up a bit on their latest jam, letting those 6 strings rattle a little longer. Indebted to other jangle wranglers, such as (late career) Jesus and Mary Chain, Starflyer 59, Paula Cole (yup), and more recently Pure X, Twerps blend their own version of (Long Hair-Don't Care) TumbleWeed-wave. The chorus is a crescendos of dizzy haze, with backing vocals, distortion, and the steady throb of some groovin toms. Its very Indie and its very good, in fact I don't mind this one at all. Be sure to check out their new LP (Home On The) Range Anxiety, out soon.

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