Monday, May 4, 2015

McCarthy - Frans Hals (video)

Look Back in Anger: Later 80s, Indie pop, deconstructionists, McCarthy, jangled with a guitar heavy familiarism common to Pop of the time, yet they were never able to gain much recognition (possibly because of their overtly Marxist leanings and lyrics). With a wink and a nod, the group took a page from Punk acts and named itself after the pre-Ted Cruz, fear-mongering American senator. Like a delicate cherry blossom, McCarthy displayed both great intricacy and fragility in all of their compositions. Coupling staggering layers of interwoven guitars, with singer, Malcom Eden's wordy chantings, McCarthy produced a woozy, sunshiney sort of vibe. Guitarist, Tim Gane, would later go on to form Stereolab with gf (and McCarthy contributor) Lætitia Sadier, yet the early years of this lesser known band are certainly worth an excavation.

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