Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Neon Indian - Annie

Neon Indian is an artist who you'd expect to follow in a similarly sloppy path as say, Twin Shadow. Both one-man-bands evolved around the same time, with a similar propensity for dabbling in warped 80s-leaning Pop. Shadow quickly shed his lower fidelities and reached for a more stratospheric sound, leaving some to wonder where exactly there was a golden light(at the end of tunnel?)... I really enjoy Twin Shadow's Yeezy-esque self indulging, you have to appreciate someone who truly appreciates themselves. Its just that his tunes have perpetually landed in the crapper, following his excellent debut. Neon Indian has a different story. He too has a yearning deep inside his soul, to soar above his early dressage, and thankfully he has done so in a most refreshing and bodacious way. From Should Have Taken Acid with You, to Future Sick, to Annie, his latest and sunniest single to date. Annie is a chirpy, upstroke-laden dance track, that sheds the Helsinki-heaviness of Era Extrana and introduces a new (un-deadbeat) summery sound. This single is almost a return to form, with a touch of Orange Juice, or Flock of Seagulls to it. If you're totally bummed that Summer is getting washed away in a whole week of rain, you need to totallly press play on this guy. Gang, this is soooo June 2015. Get into it:

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