Monday, November 9, 2015

Bird Nest Roys - Aint Mutatin (video)

Look Back In Anger: Hi, Swingers!! Its been a little while but its time to begin again. First off special shoutout to Yumi Zouma and GVB for turning me on to this amazing group of New Zealanders, from they heyday of Flying Nun. Like being swirlied in a toilet of rainbow tea, this woozy single reverberates with psychedelic warmth and glittering harmonies. Not unlike other excellent Flying Nun label mates, Bird Nest Roys, dabbled in both jangley college rock, and hazified Dream Pop. Cast in black and white and complete with groovy background dancers, The Roys, (with a wink and a nod), knowingly acknowledge their roots in late 60s drug music, like The Byrds, or The Stones circa Their Satantic Majesties; while simultaneously layering in touches of modern Pop, a la REM, or The Field Mice. This tune really reminds me of the My Bloody Valentine song, "Cigarette In Your Bed," with the way it phases around your head like lovely purple fog. Trust me this one is worth a listen. Dig it man, dig it:

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