Monday, May 11, 2009

Love Etc.

So Pet Shop Boys got a new album out this year, Yes, and its actually pretty good. I'm not sure how I feel about this video, the animation is a little "Take Me Out"/ "Yellow Submarine"ish but not as good, yet the song itself is hot. It seems difficult for these 20 plus year year old bands like U2, or Duran Duran, or especially Depeche Mode, to reinvent themselves with a sound that's relevant for today's pop music, but Pet Shop Boys are somehow capable. "Love Etc" is the first single from Yes (I'm a little late reporting on it) and its got this slick, dark electro sound that reminds me of Gang Bang meets Chumbawumba, but in a totally good way. Or like some new Mew single produced by whoever produces Lily Allen's latest shit. So if you're more into new bands (Cut Copy, M83) trying to sound 80s, rather than 80s band trying to sound new, this song/album could still be up your alley!! And if you aren't already vomiting from that many pretentious, pop-culture reference in a single paragraph than check out this vid!:

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