Monday, May 11, 2009

Can't Hear My Eyes

And i can't get this jam out of my head. While tons of bands and solo acts are trying to dig up the past with retro salutes to 80s punk, ambient and disco, Ariel Pink seems to rein supreme. He has some magic touch (call it Haunted Graffiti perhaps?) that gives his tunes a real nostalgic feel. This song, "I Can't Hear My Eyes," maintains the subtle nuances of late 70s disco, with a quiet keyboard and soft snare bouncy along under Ariel's reverbed vocals. I wish I knew his recording techniques because whatever he's doin works:

And here's one of his bizarrely great videos "Kate I Wait":

By pure coincidence I just discovered Pink has played live on P4K's ADD and he does a version of "Can't Hear My Eyes"!! So check it:

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