Saturday, June 13, 2009


Can it be?? A collaboration I'm actually psyched about??? No, Cut Copy and Hercules and Love Affairs haven't joined forces..and no, Ian Curtis isn't playing a reunited Joy Division tour. Butttt famed Smith's guitarist Johnny Marr is working with and now pretty much officially part of The Cribs! Two Things: Who are the Cribs? Well their Brits (oy!) and they have that incessant Brit-pop thing going on, with a little more edge, a tiny bit of Twee thrown in. Then there's the question of Marr. Will he be good? Hard to say..his contributions to Modest Mouse were noticeable, though nothing to write home about. Anywho, he seems better suited for Cribs, as they're all about driving, repetitive pop guitars (Smiths anyone?) Well, I know I'm overly psyched, but is anyone else asking: how soon is now?! In other news, Morrissey is still miserable and here's a fabulous Cribs video:


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