Sunday, June 14, 2009


Depeche Mode's first single, "Wrong," off their latest LP was just boring and shitty. There was a lot of repetition and annoying melodrama, laid on heavy by David Gahan. This song kinda spoiled it for me and I gave up on their new material, but when I saw they had this new song and video I still had to check it. "Peace," is typical Depeche Mode, dark-mysterious-choral-electronic. Yet, I like this tune far more than "Wrong." There's something about the haunting Gregorian chant-like hook that gets lodged in your cranium. Also the new video is fairly intriguing, featuring a military hottie, who's had it rough. The clip ain't all tits and ammo, instead there's a weird ambiguity to the narration and imagery that compliments the song pretty well. Anywho, check it:

(Still nostalgic for this Depeche Mode though):

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