Friday, June 19, 2009

He'll Rape Your Kids With His Mouth!

Recently beloved host of CBS's Late Night, David Letterman, has been under fire from deranged right-wingers. These conservative psychopaths took to the streets, to protest Dave in a swelling crowd of 15 people! Why Dave? Why 62 yr old wise-cracking, talk-show funny man? Well, the answer is Palin. Dave dropped a 'crude' joke about Sarah Palin and her daughter being at a Yankees game and the daughter getting knocked up by A-rod (I personally thought it was his best monologue joke in ages), of course the neo-cons couldn't stand for this! Hannidy and his hounds demand retribution, despite the fact that Dave has already apologized..(twice!) Welllll, looks like no one really gives a shit what the crazies have to say anyway, but this video of the anti-Dave rally is kinda funny and disturbing at the same time.

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