Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Locomotion Dreaming

Mannn I sure love me some travelin. Whether it be by train, ship, automobile or even balloon! Its all splendid. Luckily the boys of OMD are keen to beauty dining cars, soirees aboard frigates and country bound hot-air vessels. If you don't believe me than just peep this ancient yet elegant single/video:

Anddddd because I can totally relate to pining for confused, leather-clad girls, wandering the desert, there's this: Another OMD clip that's got sweet jackets, squares of animation and dim, mood reflecting lighting. I'm all about the shot around 2:24 when the bridge is about to kick in and the clouds seem to fade across the hills with the synths! (sweeet!) Plus, just check out that dream, girl! If only she realized they were only trying to catch her eye..

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