Monday, June 8, 2009


Placebo's newest album, Battle for the Sun officially hits the streets tomorrow (6/9/09).  It marks their first release without drummer, Steve Hewitt, and first release with Steve Forrest on the skins therein.  The good news is that a box set collection of all recordings (albums, b-sides, remixes) and videos (concert footage, music vids, interviews) from their decade-long EMI residency is also being released via 8 CDs and 2 DVDs tomorrow.  Feast your eyes:
Placebo: Box set -8cd+2dvd
In the mean time, considering the new single is mediocre at best, (yet for some reason I still have my fingers crossed for the rest of the new album even though my hand is tired from teetering it every time I try to describe how I feel about "Meds") here's an old, incorrectly / alternately (?) titled video of the self-titled era b-side "Drowning by Numbers" featuring Brian & Stefan with original drummer and didgeridooist, Robert Schulzberg.  The real treat in this video is the guy in the windbreaker and baseball hat that comes into focus around :07 - :10.  He is, what I believe to be, the incarnation of the spirit of rock n' roll.

And just for fun: Here are the guys as the Flaming Creatures covering Mr. Rex's "20th Century Boy" in 
Velvet Goldmine. And yes, the still image of the video is a glammed out John Connor that looks 
hauntingly similar to The Joker. Spooky? Nay. More Romero than Ledger! Smashing!

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