Thursday, June 4, 2009

MGMT - "Kids" video

You know that song on an album that everyone loves and knows but is never actually a single? "Kids" off MGMT's album Oracular Spectacular is, or I should say WAS that... MGMT have caught on made a video for it, in addition to the countless fan made ones on youtube.

Its not my favorite video by them (the night mysticism of Electric Feel is that) but it does have cool DIY monsters torturing a baby. I'm not sure what its saying since the outcome is unclear, but great song and some cool paper mache work.

On a personal note - when I went to Wesleyan MGMT (all wes alumns btw) were like a house band and were known as The Management. "Kids" was one of the songs they had written during Wes and the catchy sentimental tune in its raw form became an anthem of sorts at the school. I remember dance parties where everyone could scream the lyrics and stomp at the emotional crescendo, and now the world can stomp with us.

Here is a vid of them at wes with their cover of Talking Heads "This is the Place", (performed on 4/20) outside of West Co.

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