Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Class Actress - "Bienvenue"

What can you say about this gal? Class Actress is one class act. Her album last year was a bangore. I would play that thing all the way through, without skipping tracks, or shuffling it with other albums on itunes. No joke.

Anywho, this new jam is a goodie. More guitar based, sorta like her older, also hot "Let Me Take You Out." This song chugs along like an early New Order tune, with that high on the neck bass sound, and spaced out synths glistering around CA's voice. Really into the sexy deep voice to ethereal falsetto thing she does here. Shit is rull good. Peep this jam. The vid is kinda cool, nothing amazing. Mr. Handsome and CA sex it up in Paris ~~sigh~~ >o<

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