Monday, January 30, 2012

Desire - Don't Call

This song is SOOOOO OLD! Like 2009 old. I remember popping this cassette into the dash of my Trans Am, and cruising round the city, in search of Philly's hottest club. The streets would blur into one, as the ecstasy pulsed through my veins and the night held me close in its icy arms. Yeah, its one of those songs.

Desire is another disco-duo created by mastermind (and personal god) Johnny Jewel. I guess Johnny's revamping all his old flames this year and it seemed fitting to finally make a video for "Don't Call." Also, you may recall another one of their jams from the Drive soundtrack... Anywho, this song has always been good and the vid's pretty neat too. A girl stares longingly at the sea and wipes stream from a mirror...what could it all mean?..

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