Monday, January 23, 2012

Melted Toys

It snowed over the weekend. Sooo many people were into it. People were status updating things like, "Oh man, its snowing!" or "Finally, snow!" It was sort of pleasant and romantic at the same time, but seriously the next day always sucks for snow. Its mostly a city thang, but when its super slushy and you get those gross black puddles by the curb of every corner its a serious bummer. So if you're on the same page as me you're totally craving some sweet summery jimmy-jams to waft you away from the snow, here ya go.

Melted Toys, seems to be a widely ignored band. I didn't hear about them til like a week ago, but apparently they dropped an EP last year. "Come On," their first and only single is a jingle-jangling guitar popper, dripping with that fabulous 80s vibe that everybodys groovin on these days. In the same vein as Beach Fossils or Wild Nothing these dudes drown their shit in serious chorus and delay, making for a nice hazy pre-pre-Spring tune.

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