Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Week In Ballads - Chapter 1

I'd like to introduce a new reoccurring column to LBS. This Week In Ballads will be an in-depth and out-depth coverage of ballads you need to be listening to right now. And so let us open to chapter one:

This first gem comes from the highly underrate and largely ignored mid 80s, pop group Journey. Nearly no one has heard of these guys, besides me. And I'm here to say, "Hey! Listen up y'all! Listen to this band called Journey, they've got something to say and someone needs to be listening to it!"
This song "I'll Be Alright Without You," is a real heart-soother. Broken heart? Listen to this:

This next gem is a personal fav or mine. Coming from a land-down-undah, Crowded House loves to pull out your heart, chop it, dice it and fillet it with a little bit of the ol Aussie Oy! Boy, this guy can croon. Did somebody say they were counting the steps to the door of my heart? Yes they did. Well come on in.

Finally, the last gem in this chapter of: The Book on Love, comes from The Cars. The Cars, you guys. Somehow these guys are still around today! What? Yeah, I know..but they did also write Just What I Needed, so cut em some slack. "Drive," happens to have a little less drive than Just What I Needed, but you can almost taste the sweat dripping out this song. Plus its in black and white. Plus check out the babe in this one. Hubba hubba!

Thanks for tuning in guys! And be ready for the next installment of This Week In Ballads - Chapter 2..coming soon!

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