Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bear In Heaven - Reflection of You (Lovelock Remix)

1 of my fav bands. 1 of my fav remixers. Bear In Heaven are gearing up to drop a new album soon and its sure to be a bang-ore. Their last album glided between spaces of dream-pop, art-wave, and krautrock. While their new one seems to be leaning on a more synth-based sound. Reflection of You, their latest single was released a few weeks ago and in typical BIH fashion it features a heavy drum rhythm balanced by delicate male vocals, whispered above everything.

Lovelock, the mysterious Jan Hammer impersonating DJ, who gained some recognition last year for his mind-blow remix of Washed Out, takes on Bear's latest track and completely neuters it. Chopping off the anxiety ridden beat and chilling out the synths, Lovelock transforms this jam into the soudtrack for some island romance. The song enters ballad territory, as it oozes with warm Spandau Ballet-esque swells and chord changes.

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