Friday, February 3, 2012

Trailer Trash Tracys - Engelhardt's Arizona

"As your eyes continue to relax, the center of the spiral grows tinier. Your gaze begins to drift, deeper and deeper into the spiral, as you keep trying to find its true center." Wise words from a mysterious, omnipresent narrator open this clip for Trailer Trash Tracys' latest single, "Englehardt's Arizona." Tracys, making their sort-of anticipated (by me) debut this year, with their LP Ester. The record is filled with gazed-out fuzz and psychedelic melodies, that are both warm and disarming at the same time.

Arizona is an anxiety ridden track, with a metal-like guitar riff shredding its way through clouds of dissonant vocals and nearly-not-there drums. Tracys have a penchant for turning traditional dream-pop on its head and shaking out all the sorta verby tranquility of the genre and replacing it with a general, dis-chorded weirdness.

The video displays a huge digital clock rapidly counting up to nothing ,or perhaps... everything? We zoom through galaxies and images of the band, playing under rainbow strobes and inverted neon florescent filters, until some jellyfish and minnows bumble around an aquarium. Whoa. Check this shit:

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