Friday, February 3, 2012

Magnetic Fields - Andrew In Drag

Stephin Merritt's exceptional mope-pop act, Magnetic Fields returns! Hooray you guys, we can all snicker and then cry, as we listen to Merritt's clever crafting of weepy Sondheim-esque lyrics soon enough! MF are dropping a new LP and we're sure to have Merritt paint us many pretty pictures that melt into a cruel visage, displaying our sinful future.

Anywho! Their new single "Andrew in Drag," is a return to form for the Fields. After experimenting with sounds, to the delectation of many, on their last 2 albums, they bring back a familiar indie-folk-pop sound, reminiscent of 69 Love Songs. "Andrew In Drag," is a delightful romp through the exciting world of cross dressing and the ironic love for a girl, who's really a guy! Also, one of my fav vids of the year so far! Look at Merritt in that wig! LOL!!!!
(btw its NSFW)

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