Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Shoes - Time To Dance

I know. Look, I know. Everyone is talking about this video. But really for good reason. This could be the best video, maybe best song I've heard/seen this year. Seriously, no joke.

The Shoes. Who are they? They're French. They like to dance. They like awesome drums and some how they have the ability to get Jake Gyllenhaal to star in their video. OMG I love Donnie Darko..

Anyway, this video is all about fencing. Proper head gear? Check. Underarm gaurd? Check. Regulation white jacket? Check. Standard Foil French Grip? Check. Safety Rubber Foil Tip Protector? AH FUCK, FORGOT IT! Whoops slit your throat and then took too much molly, now I'm going to the club and then I'm going to eat some lo mein, before I choke out that dude on the roof in the snow...thats like the whole video guys. Forreal.

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