Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Milk Music - I've Got a Wild Feeling.

Churn The Beatles "I've Got a Feeling" through a meat grinder and still it wouldn't sound much like this song. Milk Music, who's band name makes me want to vom (milk is gross, seriously.) channel 90s fuzz bands like Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth and little bit of Pavement. This jam is a totally crunchy nugget that makes you wanna dump a 24oz. Genesee all over your neck and smoke 3 Camel Crush's to the face. Its the sort of tune you hear blasting out of the jukebox at a smelly bar and you have to shout over it to be heard, and your friend is like, "Dude, who is this?" and your like "I dunno man, I think its a new Yuck song." and their like, "Oh yeah, sounds like it - wait, doesn't Deerhunter have a new album coming out?" "Yeah I think so." Yeah, its that sort of fucking song, dewd.

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