Friday, May 31, 2013

Glass Candy - Beautiful Object

Dude, this video is sick. Glass Candy really make rockin' in the lab look like the coolest/funnest/sweetest thing you could ever do. Most of us are well aware that in the real world studio time can be an arduous, painstaking process of grooming through finite details and stressing about money, and time, and vocal effects processors, and how to get those drums to sound like Steely Dan. WTF, ITS IMPOSSIBLE. But here we find a bubbly Ida No, dancin' and chirpin' on the mic like a little discafied bird, enjoying the pleasures of a backyard birdbath. Johnny Jewel is here too, smashing keys and taking that pad to Drum Town. Its good times all around, and the camera light flares just add to the glitz and timeless feel of the entire clip. BTW After Dark 2 just dropped and if you're not a complete idiot you'll go get it right now. Idano if Italians actually do do it better, but they sure know how to make some juicy, pineapple sized, boogie-woogie, get-downs.

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