Thursday, July 18, 2013

Holy Ghost! - Teenagers In Heat

If ever there was a song(and band) that was biting a tremendous chunk out of New Order (in the best possible way!) its Holy Ghost!. Currently the BK duo are plowing through a a string of US tour dates supporting New Order, (and they'll both be rockin the park in Williamsburg next week wutttupppppp!!!). Later in the summer we'll be treated to HG's new LP, but until then here's a new single! No doubt, you've already heard this song on the most recent mixtape from CitiesInDust , but I was bumpin this jam this morning and felt the need to throw it up as well. This is one of the poppiest songs the group has yet released, and really it feels so right. So plug those earbuds in, bud..cuz really we're all just teenagers at heart...and right now in the heat, too!

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