Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Order - Round and Round

When the Earth does falls under the New World Order, and we're all enslaved by the lizard people, I hope they at least appoint Bernard Sumner as the new Emperor. This week I'm delving into the deepest crevasses of Third Rock's greatest electro-group of all time. Yes, my love for New Order is undying. I'd shout it from the tallest mountains and lowest valleys - the rolling rivers and flowering meadows. Why? Well, duh they're super terrific, always have been, and they just kicked off an epic US tour, with Holy Ghost!, I might add (see you at Williamsburg waterfront tonight?) Anyway, its just one of those weeks, when Joy Division just won't do, so throw on some Substance and say, "Woohoo!" This is an extended 7" version of Round and Round, one of the singles from Technique. Check it now

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