Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Camp - Fresh

Long have I been in the Summer Camp camp, knowing the Londoners were capable of producing another strong single, after those first few mysterious tracks they released a few years back. Welcome to Condale, their first proper LP was a significant step above the production level of their early material, yet unfortunately it was a complete misstep. The songs were still licked with a familiar 80s-pop sheen, but they lacked the warmth and ear pricking quality one experiences when hearing something new and interesting for the first time, that you could find on something like Ghost Train. Fittingly titled, Fresh, has a reinvigorated sound, that sheds the group's drab dabbling into plasticized pop production, and returns them to more a original tonality. Laying on a heavily orchestrated string sample, Summer Camp have created their first true dance single, with an excellent combo of their usual echo-y vocal cooing and a joltingly funky bass-line (reminiscent of Tango In the Night-era Fleetwood Mac). This is easily one of the best songs of this summer, and one of those wonderful Indie-pop gems that you won't soon forget.

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