Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Japan - Ghosts

One of the most aptly titled creep-pop songs of the last 40 years, Ghosts demonstrated a complete metamorphosis for Japan from Avant Garde Glam stars to nuanced New Romantics. Ghosts was released in 82',two years before Depeche Mode, put out similar sounding and slow building Blasphemous Rumours. Relying on virtually zero rhythm section, the song unwinds around a series of unconventional synth patches and David Sylvian's esoteric, baritone vocal delivery. Despite its bizarre melodies, this single proved by a top 10 hit, one of only 2 that the band ever had. Bellow is a terrific 'live' performance of the track where Sylvian seems to glow with a ghostly hue, as the haunting tune floats out into the ether. DIG IT::::

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