Monday, August 26, 2013

Holy Ghost! - Okay

So much about Holy Ghost! does not work at all. They're vintage synth purists, choosing to revel in antiquated electronics over a more contemporary drum and bass sound; and while yes, many artists are living in the past these days, Holy Ghost! are fairly unique in their hifi aping of a Depeche Mode/New Order/Ministry tonality. On top of this, Alex Frankel is a criminally middle of the road vocalist, often veering out of pitch and out his element. Lyrically Frankel is equally simplistic and straight forward. Yet, despite all their disparities, I find myself fully encamped in the Holy Ghost! camp-grounds. Why? why? WHY???? Its easy to hate on a band like Holy Ghost, they sorta look like blow-holes (lets be real), but their music is dope. Okay is another outstanding single that utilises sounds from the heyday of synthetic pop to a masterful degree. The hooks here are plentiful! And the juicy, metallic, orchestra stabs are sooooooo Depeche Mode circa Some Great Reward. Earworm commin atcha:

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