Monday, January 13, 2014

The Stone Roses - I Want To Be Adorded

It's Monday so its time for another instalment of Looking Back In Anger. For this week's chapter we focus our gaze on the Madchester golden boys, The Stone Roses. Roses are one of those bands you can continually come back to and recently I've come back around. 2014 feels like a year of the Roses. Last year they had their epic reunion tours and rumours were floated that a new album was in the works, one can only hope it will arrive this year. Stone Roses were and are one of the only bands to successfully blend the psychedelic ambience of late 80s dream-pop with stadium ready hooks of 90s Brit Pop. If Second Coming hadn't been so panned they could have gone one to be much larger than Oasis or even The Smiths. Check out their clip for the spine tingling, I Want To Be Adored, right here:


Table of the Permanent said...

see what you mean. like the epic feel. video kind of dated, old school Cure with digital swag. Dunno if I like it. Remember the musiv in Silence of the Lambs when Creepo in drag is pushing his dick away, all as the senator's daughter is creaming in the well? THAT kind of creepy soundtrack which I love. Kev got it right! EDPICASSO

endless kevin bendis said...

of course, i love that song! "Goodbye Horses"‎