Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tinashe - 2 On (video)

Tinashe, the soon it be uber mondo, Pop R&B mega star, and former Proactiv endorser(she DOES have good skin) drops a serious heater. This literally defines the term #clubbanger for this blaugh. This is one of those serious dance traxx that starts with snaps and ends with 808s tom fills. Totally reminiscent of Ciara, or Cassie, or dare I say it? Aaliyah? I won't actually say Aaliyah, cuz comparing Aaliyah to anyone in R&B these days is like comparing Barack to Reagan (look at the facts they ain't that far off #politikoRealTalk). But this is a hot track that ft.s the Schoolboy himself. Also the vid is your typical all girl clique chilling in the dance studio, bustin the dopest bodyrolls you've ever seen. A must watch/listen:

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