Friday, March 28, 2014

Vondelpark - Always Forever (Debukas Remix)

We often talk about bangin in the club around here, but when you really get down to the nittygritty, some of those tracks that we talk about, really would not work that well in the club. Its true and I will admit it... But this time? It's forreal. I present: A beautiful house slammer from Vondelpark via Debukas. Debukas desmantles the downtempo, Volcano Choir-eqsue dream-poper, and reanimates it again as a Franken-rave-ready-bangore. Slow building and heavy handed, with a tonality that brings to mind both the past AND the future(listen to those 7th chords,yo!). This is like what you want you want to hear right now, on a Friday.

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