Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Johnny Marr - Dynamo (video)

One of the first Johnny Marr singles that seems quite listenable, gets the video treatment. Dynamo, like most modern Marr work is straight forward guitar pop, the difference here is that the chorus actually has a hook to it. Its hard to tread on someone like Marr, who stands alone as an untouchable god among men when it comes to song-writing. Yet, his most recent efforts have seemed slightly slipshod, or at least not up-to-snuff. Like many elder Rock statesmen, we expect the very best, and very rarely get it. With Dynamo we do not get anything Smiths-like or even Electronic-like, but more a soaring anthem in the vein of The Verve or Smashing Pumpkins. There's a 90s Brit-pop theme to this song and it works. Marr is no crooner, but he can still carry a tune, letting the hook lie in the harmonies to an effective degree and of course his 6-string shredding is nothing to yawn at. So here you are, Dynamo:

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