Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sonny & The Sunsets - Cheap Extensions (video)

Soapsud Psychedelic alien, Sonny Smith, brings his gang (The Sunsets) to an Ashram, to get sorta high and tell stories. Lost in the hazy pinwheel of 60s Folk/Rock n' Roll, Smith has long been one to unwind totally weird tales about space, babes, bad vibes, and old flames. For his latest LP, Talent Night at the Ashram, Smith keeps it real once again. A whole new batch of jangling, LeaveItToBeaver On Acid, sorta jams are slipped through the mail slot of life and spread about the Internet. Cheap Extensions is a blissful, Beach Boys-bside-ish ode to some bird with a totally-out-of-this-world Do. Also there's a fantastic animated video featuring Sonny, the dame in question, and a whole litany of monsters, bosses, bears, and far-out creatures. have a looksie:

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