Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Taylor Swift - Style (video)

There something about Taylor Swift that is actually under-spoken about. Despite the record sales, despite the tabloid exposure, despite the Tonight Show appearances, despite the bagillion youtube views, despite the future Kanye collaboration and stage rockin with Paul McCartney, there are still not enough printed words in the world about Taylor Swift. Easily one of, if not the, best albums of 2014, 1989 is a record of hit after hit. Its one of the only albums I can put on and listen from track 1 - bonus spoken word tracks. What is it about Swift's latest shift that is so compelling? Its the song-writing. Not the lyrical content, which itself admittedly is quite impressive, but more the conscious structuring of melodies. Whether assisted by Max Martin or not, Swift is one of the unfuckwith-able gals, when it comes to guiding a song from verse to chorus to post chorus to bridge etc. Her affected way of pronouncing syllables and delivering cadences can come off as teenage or immature, yet its a much more of a calculated move. She's a pop-singer with the polarizing ability to let a song breathe. Not unlike early Madonna, TS often delivers a talk-singing-croon to her verses, before dropping a hydrogen bomb of a hook in the chorus that overwhelms the listener with gooey satisfaction. Style is one these types of songs. In fact its the best song on 1989 and probably the best song 2014. Sorry, its true. Debbie Harry wish she wrote this jam. Forreal. Finally we get a clip for this wondrous tune and of course its on point. One handsome gent is locked in the mystical time warping mirror, that is Taylor Swift's gaze. (Don't leave this chick alone, she's likely to picture you half drowning during a lightning storm!!!!!!) If I would have directed this video I would have had Taylor driving through the desert like Richard Gere in the remake of Breathless. Luckily someone else directed the vid and infused it with all the right amounts of emotion, melodrama, and overcast beach landscapes. You may not love Taylor's style, but you can't deny she's got it. Watch this video. It rules, dude.

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