Monday, June 8, 2015

The Ocean Blue - Between Something and Nothing (video)

Look Back In Anger: Do you ever get that feeling when you're sitting by the bay and a beautiful, dark-haired babe catches your eye that 'Gee, this about does it for me"? Yes, of course you have. We ALL have. The Ocean Blue, were dreamy late 80's post-punkers, who rattled off a string undeniably wonderful tunes that sit somewhere between Echo and the Bunnymen and The Field Mice. Between Something and Nothing is one of those vastly underheard singles that is drenched nostalgia. Its the sort of song you hear and know that you have heard before, but can never place when, or where. The clip combines all of my favorite things: Deep deep shades of blue, white canvas drapes, telecasters, bowl cuts, and worshiping at the alter of babe-dom. If you've ever put on a mock turtle-neck, looked up to the stars and wondered, will she ever be mine? This one's for you: >>>Todays post is brought to you by World Oceans Day, rockon Oceans!!

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